Solomon’s Pools

Solomon’s pools located in the south-west of Bethlehem near the old road (Al-quds-Hebron road) that runs from Jerusalem to Hebron, Bethlehem. It is far away by 4 kilometers from the birthplace of Jesus Christ “glory to his name” in the biblical and historical city of Bethlehem, the land area equal to 170 acres. It has many unique places to go there, like the Convention palace, restaurant and museum that exist in Murad castle and bazaar (marketplace).
Moreover, there is a religious place close to Solomon Pools, called St. Mary of the Hortus Conclusus; it was built in the nineteenth century by Argentinian bishop. The small, fertile valley in which it is situated is said to be the enclosed garden, the hortus. Conclusus, of the Song of Solomon 4, 12: “A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse”.
Also, there is Kalat el-Burak, the castle of the Pools. It was built in Turkish times to guard the triple reservoirs called “Solomon’s Pools” so called from Solomon’s declaration in Ecclesiastes 2, 6 “I made me pools of water”. Partly rock –hewn, partly masonry- built the plaster lined, these enormous artificial pools filled with rainwater collected from the surrounding hills to feed Herod’s elaborate system of aqueducts supplying Jerusalem with water at all seasons.