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Rachel’s Tomb

Rachel’s Tomb is a small domed structure marking the grave of Jacob’s favorite wife, who died giving birth to Benjamin and “was buried on the way to Ephrath, which Bethlehem”(Gen.35,19). Revered by Christians and Moslems as well as Jews, .


Set on a high hilltop in the Judean wilderness is the strange, truncated cone of Herodion, built by Herod the great in 37 B.C. and described in detail by Josephus Flavius in his wars of the Jews. Archaeological diggings .

Shepherd’s Field

Shepherds still pasture their flocks around Bethlehem, where the shepherds heard the good tidings of Jesus’ birth from the angel of the lord who told them to go to Bethlehem to adore the child. Shepherds’ Fields, sometimes called Ruth’s .